Focus and Scope

Topics covered include

  • Industry perspectives on high-tech new venture creation and development
  • Product development for high-tech ventures, university technology transfers
  • Geographical/regional perspectives, analysis of country/regional context from the perspective of high-tech firms
  • Corporate venturing, alliances in growth-oriented high-tech industries
  • Family business development in technology-intensive environments
  • Innovation issues, including financing; venture capital
  • Marketing high-tech products and services, commercialization of high-tech ventures
  • Human resources management of high-skilled labour, workforce creativity
  • Creative industries
  • Managing technological innovations, protection of intellectual assets
  • Social media, social innovation, technology for society
  • Business incubators, accelerators, types of entrepreneurs in high-tech companies
  • Historical development of technologies and entrepreneurship, future technologies
  • Policy papers on technoentrepreneurship, measuring impact of technologies
  • National/international institutions